The Great Donut Hike

I love donuts. Life doesn’t get much simpler than that, really. Love may be lost, careers may change, friends may leave, but my love of donuts will always remain strong. Luckily for me,… Continue reading

West Point Weekend Getaway

As much as I love New York City and think it has everything anyone could want all the time — there are just some weekends you need to get away. A break in… Continue reading

Chasing Banksy — Now and Then

New York has a lot of great public art, but in October we got an exhibition of a different kind when street artist Banksy came to town. I am a fan – but… Continue reading

The Holiday Markets of New York City

I am cozy in my Brooklyn bedroom, watching snow fall on the brownstones across the street, enjoying this impromptu three-day weekend Hercules has given me. I’ll have to brave the bitter cold soon,… Continue reading

Getting to The Daily Show in 3 Easy Steps

First, a confession. I don’t watch a ton of The Daily Show. I think it’s funny and I’m happy to watch it with others, but late night shows in general have never been… Continue reading

When We Last Saw Our Heroine

When I left Michigan over a year ago, I didn’t know where I was going. There were a lot of things I wanted to do and I wasn’t sure which first — Hollywood,… Continue reading

Of Wrapping a Film

I write this from a private island, where I’m attended to by the descendants of Greek gods and I’m getting beautifully tan but never burnt. Filming is over, and this is my reward.… Continue reading

Of Making Movies

Somewhere out there, a director’s on set, marshaling the troops, planning a shot list, not concerned about which crew members will be hustled into being extras today. And soon, our ragtag team of… Continue reading

Of Saying No to Rewriting

There was a brief moment in time, after I turned in the last draft of the script and before we actually started shooting, that I had some free time. I utilized it to… Continue reading

Of Last Minute Changes and Early Mornings

Making a film is a miracle. There are so many moving parts and invested people and general chaos that it’s nearly impossible to get something of the ground. And it doesn’t matter if… Continue reading

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